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2009-08-18 18:36:13
GDCE last session tuesday: desining social games
desining social games by game veteran
steve meretzky

2009-08-18 17:34:17
GDC Europe Tuesday Dan Conner Telltale
This was a business talk, like they always do.
I'm pretty interested in a developer talk, like the one, the music and sound
department speech on last years GDC in San Francisco. I am interested in
episodic storytelling gaming and a how to. Here are the notes:

2009-08-18 17:25:26
GDCE keynote tuesday
writing interactive narrative for a mature content by Dave
Cage(Quantum content)

2009-08-18 13:05:44
GDCE session Tue3 panel designing women
Moderator Mageret Wallace (Rebel Monkey), Panel
Kelle Santiago (thatgamecompany llc), Cynthia Woll (cul de sac studios), Sheri
Garner Ray (schell games)since 1989,Author of the book Gender inclusive Game
Design,Tracy Fullerton (usc interactive media)

2009-08-18 10:59:09
GDCE session tue2 social networking: lessons learned
hugh de loayza from zynga

2009-08-18 10:56:23
session Tue1 alternative finance
and new development business models. A classic business
pane. I don't if this was the right starter for the morning. Tons of coffee
would be helpfull. Here are my GDCE notes:

2009-08-17 22:25:47
GDC Europe and a flooder game
This is a incredibile fast implementation of the flooder
princip. It took half the way from my work to my home (25 minutes more or

2009-08-17 21:48:17
GDCE Monday Keynote No1
Remedy Max Payne To Alan Wake. Keynote with a lot of keys
involved... Thanks to Matias Myllyrinne.

2009-08-17 21:36:13
GDCE Session No7 Kellee Santiago Flower:Design
Kellee Santiago Flower:Design

2009-08-17 21:33:26
Session No5 and Session No6
You may ask where are the notes?

2009-08-17 20:52:21
GDCE Session No4 Discussion with Don Daglow
Discussion with Don Daglow: also starring
Mary beth Haggerty from Games @ Autodesk. Talk about character and story.
WARNING: these are notes while i was listening! Tons of typos.

2009-08-17 11:56:11
GDCE session No1 session No3
session #1 Advanced Racing Game - AI in Pure, session #3
crytec technical blabla, i left

2009-08-17 11:37:37
Don Daglow - Designing for a new Audiences
session #2: Don Da glow is a 38years veteran in
Game Industry - Founder of stormfront. Here are my notes...

2009-08-15 01:48:16
A puzzle adventure prototype
For today this is the third and last of those
experimental javascript games. This is also written in less than 6 hours.

2009-08-15 01:17:41
Experimental bejeweled like game
Another javascript game

2009-08-15 00:47:24
A simple javascript game
Card Mahjong solitair in javascript.

2009-07-29 18:21:19
Will the web be googlefied?
Google Wave Developer Preview at Google I/O 2009

2009-04-15 17:33:39
Some after GDC09 thoughts about emotions in games
Some after GDC09 thoughts about
emotions in games. The game design challenge: My First Time presented by Eric
Zimmerman. Participants: Steve Meretzky, Heather Kelley, Sulka Haro, Erin

2009-04-09 08:39:08
Das H
Das H

2009-04-09 08:35:38
Das H
Das H

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