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game no.1 out
off the pipe
As I said the GDC 2010 in San Francisco is ahead. So here is
the first of two games, which are in development. It is the dungeon-room game.
This game is pretty early stage. So see this only as a sketch.

A little game
as a gift for everyone
Merry Christmas everyone! "

Second Age
The Second Age Social-Mobile-Twitter-Wiki-Story-Casual-Community-Game is
back. You can puzzle messages and images. Use with your mobile

GDC Europe and
a flooder game
This is a incredibile fast implementation of the flooder
princip. It took half the way from my work to my home (25 minutes more or

A puzzle
adventure prototype
For today this is the third and last of those
experimental javascript games. This is also written in less than 6 hours.

bejeweled like game
Another javascript game

A simple
javascript game
Card Mahjong solitair in javascript.

Ein kleines
Spiel zur GCDC Leipzig
Just a little game for the GCDC Leipzig. Enjoy and
have fun.

Hamster Doedels visit the King on the other side of hell. Become a hero quest
with a little bitof strategy.(1998/99)

The Battle of
Doedels versus Rats Strategiy Game

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