2012-03-04 13:56:40
GDC 2012 San Francisco

After visiting 3 GDCs last year, I'm glad that I made it to this
year main event. I the plane to London I met two people from Bigpoint - Sven
Liebich and Cazey Kuczik, the head of mobile gaming. Nice to meet you.

Francisco is a little bit wrecked this year - more than last year. The economic
crisis - I just mention say Euro Crisis - shows it's effects. No more book
stores, the top of the Westfield looks strangely empty...

Well, better
times will come - you've just to hold on America.

Visited the Yerba
Buena Gardens early this morning, took a walk to the ferry point and back to the
union square.
I've to write and talk about the artwork in front of the
Jewish museum. I will try to blog about the GDC again. You may know, I'll
posting my notes. So expect more to come.